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Membership: Every plot owner needs to become a member of the CAPOWA by paying the required fees and submitting ALL the necessary documents. Membership is based on Unique Primary / Sole owner name.
Membership form with photo, sign, id proof and specific sale deed pages are a must; it is a common practice followed by all RWAs. This is done in the best interest of the plot owner.
  1. Sale deed first page to verify the bona-fide of the owner.
  2. Last one, two OR three pages containing the Schedule A, B, C to record & verify the plot no and area.
  3. DO NOT UPLOAD / SEND the ENTIRE SALE DEED, it is not needed. Only the above specific pages are required.
  4. You can cross write the pages with a comment - For CAPOWA Membership ONLY.

These documents are NOT stored in our website. Hardcopies are stored in Bank locker, along with other documents handed over by CG.
Also note that, signing the membership form with details is legally a MUST to onboard members on to CommonFloor. We need to verify the total area of each plot and start the maintenance collection soon. Without all these details we can't start this process, so those not subscribed for the membership with ALL proper details and not activated their CF account will not get any notifications from CF platform and 18% interest will be accruing on for ALL pending payments.
We know that most of the plot owners live outside Bangalore. Hence online membership has been introduced to facilitate those not able to come and submit the details in person. It is up to the individual plot owner to make use of it OR go the Physical Membership way.
Enroll for membership:
Before you start filling the Membership Form, please keep the following ready:
  • 1. Phase & Plot no.
  • 2. Plot owner's PP photo in jpg/png format.
  • 3. Plot owner's scanned signature in jpg/png format (ONLY for Online option).
  • 4. Sale deed page 1 that says "... made and executed ..... BETWEEN: Confident ..... AND: <owner name> ....."
  • 5. Sale deed last page(s) that contains the SCHEDULED PROPERTY - Schedule A ..... Schedule B ....
  • 6. Upload the above docs against the respective fields. Note that there are specific 'place holders' for ALL the items that you attach and ALL items are a MUST.
  • 7. Please register/fill ONLY against your own plot(s), else the actual owner will not be able to register and you will receive wrong invoices.
Once you fill the Online form and hit the final "Submit" button, the filled up form with membership no will be displayed in the browser. Please check that the form is filled properly, photo and sign are affixed in their respective place holders. Save the form (Doc.pdf) for future reference. You will also get an email on the id that you entered in the form with the form, attachments etc.
Once you fill the Physical form and hit the final "Submit" button, the filled up form with membership no will be displayed in the browser. Please check that the form is filled properly. Save the form (Doc.pdf) for future reference. You will also get an email on the id that you entered in the form.
Corpus fund: CORPUS FUND enables us to develop the layout to our common good. It is instituted in the best interest of each plot owner. Unless each plot owner contributes their due with a sense of ownership, our collective effort to save our investment and get the best returns out of it will not succeed. Defaulters are requested to pay up immediately to work towards this collective MISSION.
All the Plot owners to pay their Corpus Fund dues with immediate effect. Corpus Fund is fixed at Rs. 10 per square feet. Due Date for Paying Corpus Fund Is: 10 th October 2018.
Delay in Payment of Corpus Fund post the due date will incur penalty of 18% interest per annum from due date compounded annually. This is non-negotiable.
The corpus fund shall be used for first time cleaning of site, site demarcation, painting of metal items, etc. and other things which are essential for making our layout liveable and saleable. Balance of the fund is deposited in FD account.
FAQ 1: What is the membership fee?
A 1: Membership Fee is fixed at Rs.1000/-. If you have already paid membership fee, please fill the transaction details and submit the form.
FAQ 2: I have 3 plots, how much Membership fee I need to pay?
A 2: If in all the 3 plots, you are the first owner, you pay Rs 1000/-. But, if you are the first owner in plot 1, your spouse is first owner in plot 2 and your child is first owner in plot 3, you need to pay Rs 1000/- against each plot and fill member ship form separately. FAQ 3: I am living in United States, but my Sale deed is in a Bank Locker in an Indian State, what do I do?
A 3: Please ask someone to send you a scanned copy of the Sale deed pages and then fill the form. You can also request the bank to provide a certified copy, though a certified copy is not a must for our purpose.
FAQ 4: I don't want to upload my scanned sign, other docs etc., what do I do?
A 4: Please fill the Physical Membership Form, download, print, sign, attach all required docs and send it to Sajith Nair. OR, scan the filled up and signed form, along with ID proof, sale deed papers. And Reply to the membership mail, attach all the above and send.
FAQ 5: When & how should I pay monthly maintenance?
A 5: Monthly maintenance payment will start AFTER CG hands over Atria to CAPOWA You need pay through CommonFloor platform ONLY. Stay tuned for further communication on the above
FAQ 6: I have already paid Nov'18 & Dec'18 maintenance, what do I do?
A 6: Your payment will be reconciled and adjusted against future invoices.
FAQ 7: What is CommonFloor (CF) platform?
A 7: We have entered into a contract with https://www.commonfloor.com to manage Atria. As informed long back, you would have received a welcome message from CF. Please refer to it. You need to register yourself in CF.
If not done already, do so immediately. And if you face any issues, contact

Since ALL PAYMENTS HAVE TO BE MADE ONLY THROUGH YOUR CommonFloor login, please activate your CF login at the earliest.
FAQ 8: Where to pay property tax?
A 8: At Billapura Grama Panchayat Office, Sarjapura - Attibele Rd, Billapura, Karnataka 562125 Very close to Atria. We have Google group: confident-atria-ownrs-association
https://groups.google.com/forum/#!forum/confident-atria-ownrs-association which contains:
  2. Atria_Plot_Owners_contact_list-orig shared by CG
  3. CG Atria Contact Details
  4. Atria Layout Plan
  5. CAPOWA Society Registration MOA.pdf
  6. Mails exchanged with CG
  7. MOMs
Please visit our google group, search and download the required files.
If you are not receiving mails from confident-atria-ownrs-association@googlegroups.com, visit Google Group https://groups.google.com/forum/#!overview, locate "Confident Atria Owners Association" and become a member.
Or send a mail to confident-atria-ownrs-association+subscribe@googlegroups.com. Also get your friends, who have plot in Atria, added to the above group.
Google sheet: Atria Plot, Contact & Transaction Details (READ ONLY)
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1PzeletFqogQxRytwXpf_8v4eEmd7xfEE8zkJHxyLY_M/edit#gid=925756664 If your / your known friend's plot details are missing in the above sheet, please get them added by sending a mail to confidentatria@gmail.com

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